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TEL:+86-574-88023021  E-Mail:mike@hotioncable.com   

Ningbo Hotion Cable Co.,Ltd

About Us
Ningbo Hotion Cable Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of cabling,network and communication equipment and accessories in Ningbo China.Our main products are Lan cable,alarm cable,telephone cable,speaker cable,coaxial cable,network accessory,cabinet,HDMI cable,computer cable,fiber cable and AV cables.All products are exported to international markets including Europe,America,Middle east,Africa etc.

Ningbo Hotion Cable Co.,Ltd covers 8000 square meter and has more than 100 employees.All of worker well-trained and skillful,we have our own engineering and technical team.We have many modern and advanced manufacturing machines and test equipment.

We do believe in the win-win situation for building up long-terms business relationship.Outstanding service,quality and cooperation are the core values of Ningbo Hotion Cable Co.,Ltd.


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