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TEL:+86-574-88023021  E-Mail:mike@hotioncable.com   

Ningbo Hotion Cable Co.,Ltd

Transparent Speaker Cable

Transparent Speaker Cable Transparent Speaker Cable Transparent Speaker Cable Transparent Speaker Cable
Details :

Product Description

Application: used for speaker ranges,home theater or audio system,used for connecting power amplifier 
and broadcasting systems,for transmitting the audio  signals amplified by the amplifier

Structure: 8AWG,10AWG, 12AWG, 14AWG, 16AWG, 18AWG,20AWG or customized

Conductor Material: OFC/TC/BC/CCA/TCCA/CCS

Rated voltage: 85V 

Jacket: Transparent PVC;Black&Red PVC,White PVC or customized

Packing:Box/Coil/Drum/Paper reel/Plastic reel/Wooden reel

Order Information

Part No. Description Specification Diameter(mm) Weight(kg/km)
JBSP01 2x0.24mm2 2x30/0.10 1.6x3.3 9
JBSP02 2x0.4mm2 2x50/0.10 1.8x3.6 13
JBSP03 2x0.5mm2 2x64/0.10 1.9x3.8 15
JBSP04 2x0.6mm2 2x80/0.10 2.1x4.3 19
JBSP05 2x0.75mm2 2x96/0.10 2.2x4.5 22
JBSP06 2x0.8mm2 2x100/0.10 2.3x4.5 22
JBSP07 2x1mm2 2x7x18/0.10 2.6x5.1 28
JBSP08 2x1.5mm2 2x7x27/0.10 2.9x5.8 38
JBSP09 2x2mm2 2x7x36/0.10 3.3x6.5 50
JBSP10 2x2.5mm2 2x7x46/0.10 3.5x7.1 61
JBSP11 2x4mm2 2x7x72/0.10 4.1x8.3 90
JBSP12 2x6mm2 2x7x110/0.10 5.0x10.1 135
JBSP13 2x0.4mm2 2x13/0.20 1.9x3.8 14
JBSP14 2x0.5mm2 2x16/0.20 2.0x4.0 16
JBSP15 2x0.6mm2 2x19/0.20 2.1x4.2 18
JBSP16 2x0.75mm2 2x24/0.20 2.2x4.5 22
JBSP17 2x0.8mm2 2x26/0.20 2.3x4.5 23
JBSP18 2x1mm2 2x32/0.20 2.4x4.8 27
JBSP19 2x1.5mm2 2x48/0.20 2.7x5.4 38
JBSP20 2x2mm2 2x64/0.20 2.9x5.9 48
JBSP21 2x2.5mm2 2x7x11/0.20 3.5x6.9 59
JBSP22 2x4mm2 2x7x18/0.20 4.1x8.2 90
JBSP23 2x6mm2 2x7x27/0.20 5.0x10.0 133
JBSP24 2x20AWG 2x41/0.12 1.9x3.9 16
JBSP25 2x18AWG 2x65/0.12 2.3x4.6 23
JBSP26 2x16AWG 2x7x15/0.12 2.8x5.6 15
JBSP27 2x14AWG 2x7x23/0.12 3.3x6.6 20
JBSP28 2x12AWG 2x7x37/0.12 3.9x7.7 26
JBSP29 2x10AWG 2x7x59/0.12 4.8x9.5 39
JBSP30 2x8AWG 2x7x95/0.12 5.7x11.4 182


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