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Ningbo Hotion Cable Co.,Ltd

UK Standard Fire Alarm Cable

UK Standard Fire Alarm Cable
Details :

Product Description

Fire Resistant Cables are manufactured with latest technology to ensure consistent quality and reliability.
Conductor:Solid bare copper(IEC/EN228,BS 6360,VDE 0295,HD 383)
Insulation:Fire resistant silicon rubber(HD 22.1,BS 7655 EI2),Colors:BS7671/HD308-S2/VDE0293-308
(for more than 5 cores white core/black numbered)
Separator:Polyester tape
Drain Wire:0.8mm solid tinned copper
Shield:Aluminium laminated polyester tape
Sheath:HFFR,Red(RAL3000) or white;EN 50290-2,VDE 0207 HM2,BS 7655 LTS1/LTS3


Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings
Voice alarm systems
Emergency voice communication.
Emergency and escape lighting
Other essential service control circuits for standard fire resistance.

Order Information:

Part No. Conductor Dia(±5%)mm Copper W (kg/km) Cable W (kg/km)
JBFA39 2x1.00mm2 5.8 23 51
JBFA40 3x1.00mm2 6 32 65
JBFA41 4x1.00mm2 6.6 41 81
JBFA42 2x1.50mm2 6.65 33 70
JBFA43 3x1.50mm2 6.75 46 90
JBFA44 4x1.50mm2 7.6 59 110
JBFA45 2x2.50mm2 7.8 50 100
JBFA46 3x2.50mm2 8.25 72 135
JBFA47 4x2.50mm2 9.1 95 165

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